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Investment Perspectives July 31, 2019

The typical investor can make poor decisions, driven in part by emotions. Don’t be typical.

JOSEPH S. RIZZELLO | Chairman, NewSquare Capital RYAN L. KIRK, CFA | Portfolio Manager, NewSquare Capital

As investors, we are all susceptible to emotional impulses that can drive counterproductive behaviors and poor outcomes.

Here are some ways to avoid these all-too-common mistakes.

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Investment perspectives December 12, 2019

Busting Myths About Bonds: A Key Ingredient of a Diversified Portfolio

MIGUEL L. BIAMON | Senior Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

What you should know about bonds, why some misconceptions exist, and how bonds can set your portfolio up for the long-term—especially through volatile times.

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Investment perspectives April 30, 2019

Has today’s high-speed, high-tech stock market—and the sophisticated traders who seem to dominate it—rigged the system against small investors?

JOSEPH S. RIZZELLO | Chairman, NewSquare Capital RYAN L. KIRK, CFA | Portfolio Manager, NewSquare Capital

High-frequency traders, “algos,” and the electronic market structure aren’t to blame for the market’s swings. They haven’t changed the heart of investing, either. They’ve just made it faster, more efficient, and cheaper. And that’s a good thing.

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Investment Perspectives March 3, 2020

But Is Now a Good Time to Invest?

JOSEPH S. RIZZELLO | Chairman, NewSquare Capital RYAN L. KIRK, CFA | Portfolio Manager, NewSquare Capital

Many investors worry about when to enter the market, whether markets are up or down. If you’ve got money to invest, here’s how to think through when (and how) to put it to work.

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Q2 2022

Management of risk, not returns


It is a message we have taken to heart from famed investor Benjamin Graham, the “father of value investing.” He experienced significant losses in the crash of 1929 and its aftermath, yet outperformed the market due to successful risk management.

The second quarter was volatile. Let’s take a look at some lessons from history to see this time in perspective.

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Q1 2022

A new global crisis: Focus on what you can control


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the ongoing war, and related sanctions have helped drive market volatility, creating a market that feels driven by the latest turn of the 24-hour news cycle. That’s understandable. What we’re seeing on our...

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Q4 2021

The Miracle of Compounding


Compounding: It’s been called a "miracle". Perhaps no surprise when we look at what compounding can do to your investments if you let time work to your advantage. In this Quarterly Commentary, we take a closer look...

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Quarterly Commentary Q3 2021

Headed back to the office…or are we in the “fourth industrial revolution”?


Brought on by the pandemic, and enabled by technology, work from home has become the new reality for so many. Is it here to stay, or will workers be heading back to the office in droves? In...

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Quarterly Commentary Q2 2021

It’s proven. It’s simple. And yet, oh so hard!


We are struck by two facts when studying data from more than 150 years of investing: The investment principles that have withstood the test of time are pretty simple, yet the average investor tends to not heed...

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