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When it comes to investing, are you aiming for average? We didn’t think so.

You want more and deserve better.

You want to be confident that your investments help you achieve financial freedom. You want to partner with someone you trust and who gives you the service you deserve.

The NewSquare Capital team is not here to be average. We aim higher. And we firmly believe that for long-term investors, that’s what we can deliver.

This is our mission: To earn the trust of our clients by delivering excellence in both long-term investment solutions and client service.


At NewSquare Capital, we work as a team. Because two heads are better than one, and three are better than two.

We collaborate with some of the best minds in the industry – investment professionals with long and broad experience.* They make our decisions better by bringing deep expertise and diverse perspectives.

Investing with NewSquare makes you part of this community that passionately seeks better investment outcomes.

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“At NewSquare Capital, our goal is not to eliminate risk or volatility, but instead to reduce the long-term impact of losses in an orderly way. That’s how we seek to maximize investor outcomes over time, no matter what’s happening in the markets.”


Our clients have told us what they look for: Solutions that can help them feel confident about their financial futures.

We help them do that by combining innovative thinking with proven investment approaches.

Our best thinking is different from the rest. We base it on research. We strive to remove blinders and biases. We focus on smartly responding as markets move up, down, or sideways. All so we can take advantage of opportunities for growth and protect capital in difficult markets.

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“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.”


There is no substitute for following a disciplined approach.

At NewSquare, we listen carefully to the market. We don’t try to predict its future – it is inherently unpredictable. We take the long-term perspective: We see time as an asset and aim to build wealth over time.

We believe emotions can only derail decisions. It’s not always easy to stay the course when investors seem consumed by fear or greed, but those may be the moments that separate the good investor from the unsuccessful.

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“For investment success, there are two key challenges: designing an investment strategy that can deliver and executing that strategy with discipline. The latter proves to be the hardest of the two.”


Information technology has radically changed the world. That is also true for investing.

And investors benefit. With rich and timely information – and powerful technologies to help analyze it – we can make better decisions – faster and cost-efficiently.

Technology significantly enhances investment processes that have been around for over 100 years and have stood the test of time. For all of our processes, we rely on technology to gain critical, accurate, and timely information. Then we execute, for the benefit of our investors.

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“When it comes to managing risk, the verb is the operative word. It is an ongoing process of consciously and skillfully focusing on the risk that investors are exposed to, through changing markets and as investors’ goals evolve. It’s key to everything we do.”


Risk is a given—in life, in business, and in investments. How it is managed can make the difference between missing the mark or meeting investment goals.

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Meet our team

Our Team

A team of passionate, innovative thinkers with extensive experience and a mission of delivering investment solutions that help clients build, grow, and protect wealth.
The Newsquare capital team
Senior management team
EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP: Ryan L. Kirk, CFA, president and head of portfolio management, and Joseph S. Rizzello, chairman and CEO
Portfolio management team
Client experience team

Advisory board

Deep and varied industry expertise. A passion for investing. Outspoken. Engaged. That’s why our advisory board gives us an edge.

As an investor, are you set up for success?

We believe that informed investors — those who
seek to really understand how their investments are managed — are best set up for success .
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